India’s Secret Natural Hair Ingredients

Amalaki—India’s beauty secret the world has not yet discovered!

Thick, dark, long, strong shiny and flowing hair.  The radiantly beautiful hair of the women of India—-unquestionably a timeless world standard of beauty.  How do these women achieve such remarkably beautiful hair? What is their secret?

The secret ingredient is the Amalaki fruit.

Amalaki fruit

There has never been such a well-kept secret in the entire world—the amazing, restorative, healing and nourishing Amalaki, a simple fruit, just the size of a small greenish apple, which grows wild in India in the remote foothills of the majestic Himalayan Mountains.


This humble but potent, natural Amalaki, also called the ‘Indian gooseberry,’ or emblica officinalis, is used by millions throughout India and has been used like this for thousands of years. Yet it is virtually unknown in the Western world of beauty.

Indian Beauty

In India’s revered holistic medical treatment regimen called Ayurveda, the “Science of Life,” Amalaki is a superstar fruit that is renowned as the single most important botanical compound for promoting rejuvenation of cellular health, strengthening immune systems and increasing vitality and energy.  Even though you probably never heard of it, science today is proving what Indian practitioners have known all along: that Amalaki is the most potent ‘rejuvenator’ and its healing powers and its ability to nourish  the body in many ways including rejuvenating the hair and scalp for thicker, healthier more radiant hair is unmatched.

Amalaki –Healing strength to repair you hair, from the nutrient-rich soil, clean air and pure water from the Himalayas

Amalaki, in its natural state, grows wild in the foothill forests of the Himalayan Mountains. There are no farm tractors to harvest the fruit—it is harvested by the local tribesman one time a year at harvest season. An important part of  Let me tell you about this remote, pristine natural part of the world—the Amalaki fruit trees grow wild, in the shadows of the snow-capped peaks of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. There

Amalaki is the most potent anti-oxidant on earth—as recent scientific research is starting to show—ounce for ounce it has over 300% more potency than Vitamin C. It healing and restorative powers on the hair and scalp are legendary and this humble, small fruit have for centuries been called the “Fruit of Immortality.”  Plus Amalaki is a super-intense source anti-stress, de-toxifying and free-radical reducers such as bioflavanoids, tannins, amino acids, and beneficial phytonutrientents rutin and quercetin.

Amla Hair Treatment is the single most used hair treatment in all of India.  For wedding days, young brides ceremoniously treat their hair with Amalaki to insure the most holy an sacred day honored with their most lustrous hair possible. Amalaki is part of the every day beauty ritual of millions of women in India who, with their young daughters every afternoon, treat and comb their hair with “amla oil” to bond and pass the tradition on to the next generation.

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